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An exclusive and transformative surf experience in The Maldives islands with Andrew and Eleonora


learn to surf in turquoise waters + visit and explore an incredible part of the world. Guided by two insiders, going off the beaten tracks and straight into the most authentic and traditional Maldivian life

12 guests only  |   27 Dec 2021 to 3 Jan 2022   |   Maldives 


Meet your guides

We have lived in The Maldives and traveled the atolls extensively, Andrew as a surf coach and Eleonora as a freelance writer and researcher.

Our knowledge of this incredible country will allow you to enjoy off the beaten tracks experiences.

This time, we will explore the North Male Atoll and its waves, on a the Handy Surf Liveaboard : a dreamy yacht, all for us.

We will chase clean, perfect waves. We will swim and snorkel with manta rays. We will gaze at the stars and visit local islands for a deep dive in the Maldivian culture.


It's a trip you will never forget. 

Join us for an exclusive 
experience to explore The Maldives and surf turquoise waves


To the Adaptive coach doing the review :
these 2 paragraphs below is the long "promise description", a list of unique things they get to experience in this trip . I have listed the different unique things, but I struggle to present them in a beautiful way. also, because the promise here is a surf skills increase but also a travel and cultural experience, we are not sure on how to present that.


Imagine ...



Enjoy the world's most playful waves cruising around a beautiful 36 meters charter yacht 

- daily change in scenery as we cruise around the north male atoll

- freshly caught fish for dinner

-desert island visit

- surf uncrowded waves

- sunsets on the water

- star gazing at night

- snorkelling in unspoilt reefs and crystal clear water, like in an acquarium

- fishing

- multiple daily surf sessions, with different surf breaks in one day


- improve surf level with mindset training sessions and video analysis 

-Andrew is know for being able to spot hidden problems / hidden blockages that stand in the way of progressing or that cause specific problems (like how a hip injury causes x and y in someone's surfing and what to do to fix it).


And celebrate the New Year with an incredible adventure on the water


RIA, from the UK :
"After this experience in Portugal with Andrew and Eleonora I feel very empowered, I wouldn't hesitate to rebook!"

An exclusive retreat
for people who want to breakthrough and reach their goals

SILVIA, from Germany :
"I felt confident and ready to start a new hobby!"


Get ready for a real transformation

We promise,  you will improve your surfing skills.

But that's the easy part.

There is more. A week with us will bring a shift in your consciousness regarding confidence and self awareness.

Your new ability to overcome challenges, wether it's in the water, or in life, will take your surfing and your personal life to the next level.




We begin the experience a month in advance, with a private, personal surf evaluation performed over a Zoom call, where together with Andrew you will also set your surfing goals.


Preparation plays a very important role in your surfing journey, so you'll have access to the Digital Surf Academy programs before you arrive at in The Maldives, as this will boost your chances of improving like nothing else. 

Diving deep in learning more about the ocean and how waves work before the surf trip, gives us the chance to focus on the practical part (surfing skills) during the surf experience, as well as on your mindset, which is usually where all the blocks live, and stand in the way between you and your progress.



During The Maldives Surf Experience you will enjoy daily surf sessions as well as  2 video analysis of you surfing and 2 surfing mastermind sessions with us that will change the way you look at surfing.


The Maldives is a surfers playground

And exploring it on the water is an experience you will never forget

To the Adaptive coach doing the review :

below is the section where we talk about what is it like to surf with us in The Maldives.  we dont need help with this paragraph and the 3 paragraphs following it .

Please jump at the next comment 4 paragraphs below 


A surfing experience in The Maldives with us means receiving unparalleled surf guiding and surf coaching on a destination we know to perfection. 

Andrew lived in the Maldives and surfed extensively the most popular surf breaks, as well as some hidden gems along the way.

Eleonora is a regular author for the inflight magazine of Trans Maldivian Airways, the national Maldivian airline and seaplane company, since 2015, as well as the founder of Maldivology.

We have traveled The Maldives for many many years. You won't waste time searching for the best spots as we've already done it for you.

We will bring you to the most incredible places in the archipelago.


Exploring The Maldives surfing with us is a unique and unforgettable experience.

We hand pick the places and the experiences where we bring our guests to, making sure they fit our standards and cater to every need.


Meet Handy

Your home on the water for 7 days

Handy is a beautiful 118ft (36m) liveaboard, locally built of fine tropical timber and custom-designed for hunting waves in style.

With the yacht all for us and no other guests aside from our small group of  12 people, an unforgettable and exclusive experience is assured.

The Handy offers a unique experience chasing waves across the Maldives, with lots of options available.

Run away from the crowds and experience total Maldivian perfection.


We will surf beautiful waves.
But there is MORE

Traveling is an irreplaceable experience that we carry with us for the rest of our lives, so let’s make it count.

In this surf trip, we also want you to bring home a piece of Maldivian culture, unforgettable experiences of snorkelling and desert-islands visits, and a full immersion in the Maldivian Surf Culture.

Steering away from touristy activities, we have packed The Maldives Surf Experience with handpicked adventures.


A typical day

You wake up for a tropical breakfast on the ocean

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 12.15.33.png

To the Adaptive coach doing the review :

we are not sure if we should add these 2 paragraphs on us, and the following where we explain how it is important that they have some skills, in order to be able to apply to join.

I will submit another review for what is next, thank you so much.

Andrew Goodman

I have been a surfer for 37 years.

Surfing is in my blood, and so is the passion to teach people.


After coaching for over 12 years,  I realised that every student I taught needed a slightly different approach to getting up and riding a wave.

This realisation is what brought me to create my own style of teaching for people who want to learn to surf today.

My unique, open-minded surf coaching approach caters to each person as an individual, so the coaching you get with me is specifically designed for you and your physical needs.

I am known for getting people results, fast.

A week with me will sky rocket your surfing and your confidence level.

You will look deeper into your strengths and overcome your weaknesses- you'll find places of confidence and determination in your mind you didn’t even know existed.

"Andrew, you are the only coach that actually got me results in a few minutes!"    Laura Visser



IMG_0702 copy.jpg

I have been creating experiences for people for 20 years.


I know how to make you feel comfortable.

You will be supported and encouraged to push out of your comfort zone.

Making you become the best version of yourself is my goal and my passion.

I am fascinated by human nature and I am a lifelong student of what makes us tick.

As a Reiki practitioner I have learned how external factors influence human life, and my work with natural medicine taught me the powerful ways our bodies heal themselves.

My studies of the Stott Pilates method and Anatomy course have showed me how our bodies move and work.

My other great love is photography, I see a picture as a return ticket of a one way journey.

During a surf experience, I will be taking pictures and recording videos for you to take home, so you can relive the experience for ever.

Think of me as your go to person, if there is any support you need during the time with us.

My energy combines with Andrew's energy, and together we will support you and cheer you all the way, because we know what you are capable of. 


Get ready for the trip of your life !

To ensure pure enjoyment of the warm Maldivian waves, we want to make sure that safety is prioritised and you are ready and prepared.


The 2 biggest keys to pure enjoyment in The Maldives are being a confident swimmer and being able to duck dive.


    •    You need to be a strong swimmer, aware of your stamina and your energy level in the water. This also means you need to know how long you can paddle for before you need to stop.

    •    You need to be able to navigate through the whitewater waves and the impact zone without putting your feet down. This means you need to be able to either duck dive or turtle roll the board you are surfing.


To the Adaptive coach doing the review :

All what's below will be for another review, thank you so much.

Very limited space


         Unlimited surfing


Unlimited fun


Phil Brown

Andrew is one of the most passionate coach I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. His energy and total commitment to helping people progress their surfing skills is second to none


Tereza Bartosova

Andrew's coaching has been a really complete experience for me. I learned a lot in 2 weeks, and after 2 days I started taking small waves independently.

Andrew has a very professional and kind approach to teaching surf to all levels.

After a year I am now surfing independently on green waves. 

I am very grateful for Andrew's teaching, they have changed my surfing.


Verena Kirstein

My most emotional moment with Andrew was the day I learned how to control my board. I caught a wave, rode to Andrew who was standing in the water, I turned left and turned right, and I jumped off my board and heard Andrew screaming "you got it girl! You are a surfer now! 

Honestly, I had tears in my eyes.


Column 4.jpg


Early Bird Rates 
Book Before July 31st, 2021 (+100€ after July 31st) 

1547€ per person (double or twin room)
1747€ per person (single occupancy)
12 spots available

Option 1


payment at booking time

Double Room :

Euro 3094 total for 2 people ( Euro 1547 per person), early bird price (book by July 31st)

Single Use Room :

Euro 1747 early bird price (book by July 31st)

After July 31st, prices increase of + 100 Euro

Option 2



- first payment at booking

- second payment on August 15th

- third payment on September 15

Double Room :

3 payments of 1100 

Single Use Room :

payments of 620 


Book with peace of mind with our Covid-safe cancellation policy

All bookings for 2021 can be rescheduled to any future retreat date with no administration fees. In these times with no certainties , we would like to give everyone the opportunity to look forward to something exciting in the future ! 

So book your retreat with us risk free without losing your deposit and start dreaming of the Portuguese sun and waves. 


Peniche, Portugal

We have fallen in love with Peniche this past November, and we are 100% positive you will too.

It's a small beach town, located a short 1hr drive from Lisbon airport, with perfect waves all year round.

- Safe beach access with perfect conditions and constant waves for both beginner and intermediate surfers.

-Plenty of different surf spots with easy beach access within a few minutes drive.

-Beach is walking distance from the Surfers Lodge, where we will be staying during the retreat.

-Incredible food with lots of restaurants in the surroundings.  


1. Send a booking enquiry using the form below

2. You'll receive and email from us with payment information and all info about the Retreat

3. Start imagining yourself surfing the beautiful waves of Peniche!



Let's put it this way :

We have visited the Lodge a few times, and we can say without doubt it's the best, most comfortable and cozy accommodation in Peniche.

Think of luxury beach living, with a warm twist that makes you feel at home.

The Surfers Lodge has only 19 rooms, each decorated in soft hues with contemporary furnishing, pool towers to use during your stay and very comfy beds.

We are also huge fans of the free bikes + skateboards to use to reach the beach or explore the surroundings. 

The food is fresh and delicious, so good that after we had our first dinner in the restaurant, we decided to try every single plate on the menu and stayed for dinner for all the remaining nights !

Eleonora's favourite was the veggie burger, while Andrew Loved the linguine with pesto.

But it's the hotel very special common areas that are responsible for the great vibe: there is a lounge room where you feel like you are at a friends house. There is a play room, with table tennis and video equipment .

Aaaanndd... there is an incredible roof top with an infinity pool and jacuzzi! And a bar of course.

Yes, we also feel like we can't wait to go there!


Dec 27, 2021 - Jan 3, 2022 | Maldives


We can't wait to see you in The Maldives !

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