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A private and transformative surf experience with the two of us, Andrew and Eleonora, where you learn to surf + bring home a new, empowered version of yourself

Cascais, Portugal

for Beginner to early  Intermediate Surfers | 4- 11 May, 2024  |  Cascais, Portugal


Our EMPOWERED SURF RETREATS are famous for creating life transformations in people, for bringing out a new, empowered version of yourself, and for creating new friendships that become bonds for life.

We specialise in surfing over 40 and inclusive surf coaching techniques


Surfing is just the beginning

Surfing is more than just riding the waves. 

Surfing strengthens our bodies and our minds. When you learn to surf, you gain confidence that allows you to overcome the challenges that hold you back.


With 20 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to sharing our experiences and lessons in and out of the water. 

When you leave our retreat,  you will feel empowered, like you can conquer anything. 

Learning to be confident in the ocean will give you the tools to be empowered in life.

Join us for an exclusive experience to boost confidence in and out of the water


A day in one of our Retreats

Our Retreats are run in limited capacity, for an exclusive and custom oriented experience.

We hand pick the locations, and we have chosen a gorgeous location in the south of Portugal, a prime surfing destination, to be the base of our 2024 Empowered Surf Retreat.

Think of dreamy beaches, perfect waves for learning and improving your surfing skills.

We're going to stay at the boutique Hotel Casa Vela, an oasis of tranquility in the center of historical Cascais.

Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and 2 pools, this villa is real gem, located at walking distance from the beach and the nightlife + restaurants of Cascais (we always love an opportunity to try local foods and experience the local culture during our surf retreats!)

This are Anne (a beginner surfer) and Eric (an intermediate surfer), sharing about their experience with us

This is Andrea, an early intermediate surfer, sharing about her experience with us.

This is Viresh, a complete beginner surfer, sharing about his experience with us


Get ready for a real transformation

Our Empowered Surf Retreat is an experience you will remember for life.

We promise,  you will learn to surf or improve your level, if you already surf.

But that's the easy part.

There is more. A week with us will bring a shift in your consciousness regarding confidence and self awareness.

Your new ability to overcome challenges, wether it's in the water, or in life, will take your surfing and your personal life to the next level.


We begin the experience a month in advance, with a private, personal surf evaluation performed over a Zoom call, where together with Andrew you will also set your surfing goals.

Preparation plays a very important role in your surfing journey, so Andrew, during the call, will offer some exercises for you to do before joining the retreat.

During the retreat you will have 5 surf sessions, 2 video analysis and an Ocean Knowledge Masterclass with us that will change the way you look at surfing and the waves.


We will have breakfast every morning at the Villa Casa Vela, and you are free to come in at any time between 8.30 and 11 am.

The time of the lessons will be ​decided daily, depending on weather conditions and tides.

When you are not surfing, you can enjoy the hotel's pools and lush gardens, and the fantastic beaches around.

In the evening, you can explore the village of Cascais, relax at the beach or treat yourself to a massage in the Spa of the hotel.

Dinner is independently organised, to give you freedom of exploring.  Some rooms come with a kitchenette so you can also dine in. We also often organise to have dinner together as a group.

There is one day off in the week from the lessons, and we encourage you to do some sightseeing! The nearby Sintra is a Unesco World Heritage Site, totally worth a visit.

Cascais is located just 25 km from Lisbon, and the nearest airport is LIS Lisbon-Portela airport, around 30 minutes away by car from the hotel.




Saturday, May 4th : from 3:00 pm self check in at Casa Vela , 6:00 pm welcome drink and meet up
Sunday, May 5th : Warm up session on the beach, followed by first surf session. In the late afternoon, indoor Ocean Knowledge Session.
Monday, May 6th : Late breakfast, followed by 2 mid day surf sessions. We're going to explore a different beach today, pack some lunch and snacks!
Tuesday, May 7th : Video analysis session, followed by surf session and visit to a new beach. If conditions allow, sunset surf session.
Wednesday, May 8th : Day off from surfing. Group excursion to the beautiful Sintra. 
Thursday, May 9th : Early breakfast, followed by mid day surf session. Sunset walk around Cascais.
Friday, May 10th : Surf session and final video analysis session with tips to bring home. Time to pack.
Saturday, May 11th
: Group breakfast, followed by check out and goodbyes.

Schedule details subject to change - everything will revolve around the surf forecast !  

photo-output 4.JPG

Your  Hosts


Co-Founder of Andrew Goodman Surf Coaching, Andrew has been a surfer for 42 years and a Surf Coach for 16 years.

Andrew will personally help you with your surf technique, ocean knowledge (an element that plays a huge role in surfing) and your mindset.

His unique talent of identifying a surfer's shortest path to improvement will bring in progress and quick results for you.


He is known for getting people results, fast.




Co-Founder of Andrew Goodman Surf Coaching, Eleonora is a mindset coach and a Reiki practitioner.

Her knowledge and understanding of human energy will help you clear blockages that you maybe didn't know you had, and that stand in the way between you and your progress, helping you gain courage, strength and control.

Eleonora will also be your support for anything you need before, during and after the retreat.

  • What do I need to bring?
    ​We provide beginner boards (soft tops) for everyone, and wetsuits for sizes from S up to XXL. If you fit anywhere else outside these parameters, these are the kind of clothes we recommend you to bring: 2 of your favorite leggings or yoga pants, 2 sport tops, and any swimwear you are comfortable in. ​ Upon your confirmation of booking we will ask for sizing to make sure a board for you is there. Also, please bring a robe or a poncho to change into your wetsuit while on the beach, flip flops, sunscreen, a sun hat... and all the typical things you'd take if you went for a day out at the beach.
  • I am currently trying to build my confidence to surf 5ft waves. Is this the right retreat for me or are most people trying to build confidence to surf massive waves?
    It really doesn't matter where you are in your surfing, and what is that size of a wave that you are trying to build confidence for. Building confidence is something every surfer needs to do, whether they surf white water waves or slaying 70ft giant waves. If you look for confidence to progress from a 3ft wave to an 8ft wave, this is the right retreat for you. If you look for confidence to progress from not surfing at all to surfing small waves, this is the right retreat for you. If you look for confidence to surf 20ft waves, this is the right retreat for you. And so on.... building confidence is very much a part of every stage of surfing, it lives in every level of surfing.
  • Is there a weight or age limit in order to join this retreat?
    NO. Surfing, and building confidence to surf, is for every age, weight, shape or size.
  • I am just starting out with surfing and I am worried that the rest of the group is ahead of me?
    ​We will be dividing the surf classes according to surf levels. This is an inclusive surf retreat, open to all surfing levels including complete beginners.
  • I am in a moment right now, I don't even like being in the water anymore, and I am afraid I will get too scared in the surf lessons...
    Imagine fear in a circle. Right outside of that circle, is confidence. Right outside of confidence, is the freak out zone, or the very umcofortable zone. Most people who try to work on fear alone, think they have to push themselves to the limit in order to overcome the fear. It doesn't work like that. Fear is conquered by expanding, baby steps at a time, your confidence space. We will never take you to the "freak out zone". You will be guided and supported through out the whole 6 days. We will hold your hand, literally, and we will help you expand your confidence zone at a comfortable pace.
  • So you will eliminate my fears ?
    Think of this Retreat as a team work between you and us. We cannot do the work for you, but we know how to get you, from wherever you are right now, to start (re)building your confidence in the best possible way, and we will provide you with all the tools you need in order for you to reach your goal.
  • Will I have to face my fears in front of everybody ?
    While this is a group event, you will have 3 private session, where you can open up in privacy with us. One with Andrew, before the retreat. One with Ria, before the retreat. And a mid week, check in session again with Ria, during the retreat. There is power in the community, and this will be a non-judgmental, loving and fully supportive community.
  • I am a intermediate surfer, is this the right retreat for me?
    Because building confidence is something all surfers work on, no matter where they are at in their level, this Retreat is open to all surfing levels. We divide the group by levels for the surf coaching sessions in the water.

Your home for 7 days

We will be staying at Casa Vela Boutique House, a gorgeous villa surrounded by lush gardens and pools, right in the historical center of Cascais, Portugal

Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 12.06.08.png

Why join

  • If you’d love to learn to surf,  and are looking for a fun, friendly and non competitive environment where you participate in professional surf lessons that get you long lasting results. 

We have 20 years of combined experience, Andrew has coached 8000 students and his success rate is 100%. You are in the right place!

  • if you want to improve the level of your surfing, you are committed and are looking for real, tangible results.


If you invest in us by joining one of our Surf Experiences, we invest in you. Your goal becomes our goal. Plus, Andrew is know for being able to quickly identify a surfer's shortest path to improvement. 

Joining this Retreat is the best thing you could ever do for your surfing.

  • if you love surfing and really want to learn to surf, but you aren't sure surfing is for you.


We are the founders of Every Body Can Surf... This is the right place for you to come and learn! Let's kick those stereotypes away.

Our Surf Experiences are for people in every age group, and every size. 

You come alone and you leave with family


2165€ per person (double or twin room)

2550€ per person (single occupancy)

only a few spots available


  • Superior room with kitchen facilities,  200 Euro per person per week

Option 1


payment at booking time

Double Room :

Euro 4330 total for 2 people ( Euro 2165 per person)

Single Use Room :

Euro 2550  

Option 2



- deposit at booking

- second payment by March 15th

- third payment by April 15th

Double Room (2 people) :

deposit of 894 Euro plus 2 payments of 1768 

Single Use Room :

deposit of 498 plus 2 payments of 1051 

PRICING empowere retreat 24


- 7 nights at the Casa Vela Boutique House, including daily breakfast, in a standard room

- 5 group surf lessons 

- 2 Picture and Video Analysis

- Ocean knowledge masterclass

- Pictures of you to take home

- A group of amazing new friends

Before the retreat

- One on One Zoom call with Andrew, with personalised fitness tips on how to prepare for the Retreat



We help you transform yourself.

The bonus, is that you learn to surf.


Booking fom empowered reteat 24

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