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When you feel you are ready, these programs for beginner surfers will seriously accelerate your understanding of what surfing actually is and how to go about tackling it head on.


Everything you need to know / do / have before surfing

I condensed my 37 years of experience as a surfer and put this program together, thinking "what advice would I give myself if I was just starting out from scratch with surfing"? 


By the end of this program, you will have a clear understanding about all things learning to surf.
Here you have my essentials :

✔ Equipment 101: everything about boards, wetsuit and surfing equipment
✔ Weather conditions
✔ Location Conditions
✔ Knowing how to swim, or not
✔ Fitness and surfing
✔ Energy
✔ Before your first surf session
✔ After your first surf session
✔ Motivation and Confidence
✔ My top 7 tips from 37 years of experience
✔ Safety In The Ocean : keep yourself safe while learning
✔ Surf Etiquette : the unwritten rules of surfing that keep you safe
✔ Ocean Knowledge : currents, winds, tides and channels


Surf techniques for beginner surfers

I will guide you every step of the way, all the way from learning to control your board on the beach, to successfully catching waves. 

By the end of this program, you will have mastered all these surfing fundamentals :

✔ Finding your happy place on the surf board
✔ Land Practice and board orientation
✔ Paddling and looking around before catching a wave
✔ The pop up / different ways of getting to your feet
✔ Using your knees to stand up
✔ Mistakes during the pop up
✔ Arms and legs position, Goofy or Regular
✔ The Sumo Position
✔ Warming up before your surf session
✔ Walking with your board through white water waves
✔ Controlling your board in bigger white water waves
✔ Turtle roll
✔ Catching white water waves
✔ Laying too far back on your board
✔ Catching a wave at the last minute
✔ Too much paddling
✔ Turning left and right on whitewater waves
✔ Nose diving and why it happens
✔ Exiting a wave with control


Go from ZERO to catching waves (Both Foundations+Getting Started programs)

Think of this as your road map to surfing success. 
If you want to get started with surfing, or you are a beginner surfer already, this is your go to program that will set you up the right way, saving you lots of time, energy and a boat load of frustrations.  

This bundle consist of our 2 beginner surfer courses, together : Surfing Foundations + Getting Started courses.

✔ By the end of this program, you will have mastered all the surfing fundamentals, part of the Getting Started course.


✔ Plus, you will have a clear understanding about all things learning to surf, including beginner techniques, which are all in the Surfing Foundations course. 

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