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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Let’s be real: knowing which wave to catch and paddling for it at the right time is NO easy task.

I know how you feel. As a learner surfer, it seems like your focus needs to be on everything.

You see all these beautiful waves that you want to catch. You paddle paddle paddle for so many of them. You catch so little of them. You nose dive. Repeat.

Not long after, you are e x h a u s t e d !

You don't have anymore energy to paddle properly and you get discouraged.

Does that sound familiar?

I hear you, being a learner surfer it's hard.

There is a statement that i learned many years ago. Is that practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

If you practice the wrong technique, that's what you are going to be stuck with.

It's not just about going into the water and trying to catch a thousand waves.

It's about first of all knowing the right wave to catch: as a learner surfer you should ONLY be catching white water (broken) waves.

You then want to learn to pace yourself, resisting the urge of catching all the waves that are coming at you.

As a learner surfer, it's reasonable to try to catch 10,15 waves in one hour in the water.

You also want to observe other learner surfers in the water.

Try to see where other beginner surfers are failing and where they are succeeding.

Give it a few minutes in between your waves to study what other people are doing. You dont need to take every single wave that comes your way.

There is so much to learn from other surfers in the water.

Doing is learning. But observing is just as powerful.

Finally, you want to put into practice my step by step technique on catching white water waves that I explain inside the free training video below :

1- Identify the right wave

2- Find your happy place

3- Position yourself in the right place

4- Paddle

5- Feel the push of the wave

6- Give 2-3 extra paddles

And only then, practice your standing up routine.

I can help you improve your surfing so that you can keep moving forward towards your goals.

If you want a training on how to efficiently catch waves, go ahead and download this video, which is part of module 2 in Digital Surf Academy, our online step-by-step learn how to surf course for beginner surfers.

I'll see you there!


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