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Secrets Of Pop-Up: Quick Tips To Improve Your Pop-Up

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Here’s the right place for you to learn how to improve your pop-up. If you haven’t make sure to check out the previous blog post we made the week prior, entitled, “Secrets Of Pop-Up: What You Need To Know.” Last week we talked about myths that we were led to believe were true about pop-ups.

Continue reading this article because today I will give you quick surf tips to improve your pop-up as a learner surfer. Get a pen and paper and write these two easy steps to level-up your surfing.

SURF TIP #1: Proper Positioning

Make sure to use utilize your knee. There are plenty of ways to improve your body fitness for surfing. If you’re having trouble with the “traditional” way of pop-up, take it slower and move from there. Besides speed, what’s really important is how you position your feet and knees.

To improve your pop-up, you have to make sure that your front foot is in the middle of your board. Plus, maintain seventy percent (70%0 of the pressure on that foot as you stand up and make the transition. This way you can help maintain balance by having your weight distributed forward which will allow you to have a smooth entrance into the wave.


Again, if you’re not able to use the “traditional” way of popping-up using your knee, you have to remember that weight distribution is vital. You have to keep your weight forward even if your back foot lands first. This will make sure you don't slow yourself down at the very moment you need to stand up. Remember, adding weight to your back foot is going to slow you down.

Don’t give-up if you can’t get it the first time. Trust the process and you will get to where you want to. Just keep on practicing. The sad reality is that the transition from a lying down position to a standing up position is something that is rarely discussed in the surfing community. Or when they do It’s made with a specific person or body type in mind. As a result, learner surfers fins it harder to learn to surf as this is one of the most vulnerable points in surfing.

Unlike any other sports, surfing is the only one which relies to make this huge transition, especially in board sports. That is why having an understanding on how to move your body comfortably is important. Know your physical ability to have a more successful transition or pop-up.

If you want to learn about proper positioning of your foot, standby because we will also discussing how you know which foot goes where. While you're here make sure to check our online surf programs.


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