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Preparing The Mindset Of Learner Surfers

Surfing is challenge not only for the body but for the mind as well. As a learner surfer or an aspiring surfer, you will definitely question yourself and will have plenty of doubts. These questions can lead to indecisiveness to continue or start due to a lack of confidence.

Let's talk about one of the most important foundation that every surfer needs to have in moving forward with their journey. Because not everyone can successfully ride their first wave or even stand up on their boards, the first time the try. But there is no harm in trying.

Confidence is not achieved by repetition. Confidence is achieved by education!

Plus-Size Surfer - No Need To Worry

Plenty of people from the plus-size community often ask me, asks us, if they can surf. Every time our answer is, yes! Then they continue to say that they are afraid to because they don't have the confidence to face the public wearing swimwear or even a wet suit. Others say that they don't know if there's a board for them.

Here's what we have to say, STOP!

It's time for you to stop repeating all the excuses you have, all the things you hear from others, and start to educate yourself. First, whatever you think people will think of you when you get out in your swimsuit, wet suit, or any other swimwear, all you have to focus is on yourself and your wave. Like anyone else, you are just a dreamer trying to learn how to surf. Second, you just have to find the right board for you, and there are plenty out there. If you ever need help we are here for you.

Afraid Of Falling?

It doesn't matter! Not everyone can successfully ride their first wave. Some people would even cheer you on to continue. Every wipeout is a learning opportunity. Plus, that's why we are here, to help you and to teach you everything you need to learn.

Thalassophobia - Fear Of The Ocean

You owe it to yourself to try. You have to stop repeating this endless cycle of fear in your life. It's time to tell yourself that there is nothing to fear by facing it. Once you teach yourself this and overcome your fear. Only then can you view the world from a perspective you may have never before.


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