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Overcoming Fear In Surfing

One of the things that usually stops us from learning is fear. But is fear all that bad? Let’s talk about what my definition of fear is.

In textbook definition, fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. But for me, fear can be a mnemonic for: False – Evidence – Appearing – Real.

False - Evidence - Appearing - Real

Let’s be clear, no all fear is unjustified. Especially when we have a basis on why we should fear or be afraid of something. An example could be whenever we watch a scary movie, we can always and most definitely try to prepare ourselves for a jump scare. Or when we do crazy activities such as bungee jumping or mountain climbing. It’s justified fear as it’s right in front of you and you are preparing yourself mentally to handle it.

So now, how does this apply to surfing? As a learner surfer, you have the right to fear the ocean and surfing and learning how to surf. Here’s where my definition of fear comes in.

We have this false pretense or idea of how hard learning how to surf is by exaggerating it, without even trying to find out the process. We lack the evidence to make us comfortable with the journey because we have no experience in this new frontier in our lives. Because of all of these, everything, every bad idea that comes in our mind, now is appearing as a real and imminent threat when it shouldn’t be.

How Do We Know What To Prepare For If We Don’t Know What There Is?

Being scared about something that you can see is real, but not knowing there is something to be scared of in the beginning is the problem that all learner surfers have.

When starting our surfing journey, we usually don’t know what there is to expect, so we cannot prepare for it. If we don’t know that the waves are strong and that they can really cause challenges for us in the waves, how do we even know how to prepare for them? ⠀⠀⠀⠀

By educating and familiarizing yourself with the nature of the waves and the ocean. Preparation and knowledge are key to overcoming fear in the water. The more you are aware of how the ocean works, the safer you’ll feel and you will be.

If you want to start your surfing journey but you don’t know how to or you are too afraid to start. We have a lot of programs you can find on our website. We also recently added a new program especially about fear in the water, with the title, “Overcoming Fear”. Check our website for more blog articles, programs, and more at our website.


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