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Make Life easier with our mini-training video on 11 easy exercises to prepare your body for surfing

Through my 12 years as a professional surf coach, I’ve taught hundreds of people of all ages and fitness levels. It is true that anyone can learn to surf. Does it make things easier if you have a strong core? Absolutely! That’s why I just released a new Mini-Training Video on 11 Easy Exercises to Prepare Your Body for Surfing. We are always looking for ways to make life easier, so let me walk you through this one.

There are different ways to activate and prepare your muscles for surfing, and life in general. Most of what we share when teaching people to surf actually helps people get stronger physically and mentally so they believe they can accomplish anything. The process can start with just a few easy exercises, some of which you might already recognize.

The video starts with the basic Push Up, which is good to do before, during and after any surf because it helps give you the strength needed to push yourself up into the standing position on the board. Doing this exercise a few times a week before you hit the water will definitely make it easier when see that perfect wave.

Doing Sit Ups is also a basic exercise that is definitely useful in surfing because you use these core muscles just as much as your arm muscles. Another great exercise we recommend to strengthen your core is Double and/or Single Leg Raises before moving on to your legs.

Your lower body is responsible for most of your moves throughout the day, so Squats are a great way to strengthen and tone several different areas. We suggest focusing on exercises that not only strengthen your legs, but also helps improve your balance when you are standing on your board. Once you get up with the wave, you don’t want to fall off during the best part!

You will see in the video that we ended with Burpees even though we know that most people hate these because they are so exhausting. But that’s exactly why you should love them. They cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

Click here to check out all 11 exercises. We show you how to do each exercise effectively and share how many reps you should do each week for maximum results to create a routine that allows you to stay on track. We hope you will take our advice to create a habit of doing these exercises so you get stronger every day and gain even more confidence in and out of the water.

Now is the time to challenge yourself to be stronger in 2021. Join our Learn to Surf Private Facebook Group so we can help you stick to your new routine because we know you can do it!

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