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digital surf academy is here!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

It's not a secret that we've been working on it over the last two months... and today we are so excited to share with you our Digital Surf Academy program!

If you've always wanted to surf and don't know where to start DSA is probably the best way for you to kick start your learning to surf process.

If you are a beginner surfer and you're stuck on something, if you don't catch enough waves, if you're struggling popin up.. by enrolling in DSA you will have finally the chance to improve your surfing!

DSA is for anyone who is looking to learn how to surf.

The program is structured in small, easy to understand and achievable modules, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or confused as to which steps come next.

It teaches you firstly how to stay safe in the water, then how to control your board and your body in the water, and finally how to successfully catch waves.

Andrew will take you on step-by-step journey, in which he will teach you all the basics around surfing and share with you his knowledge that he has gathered over the last 12 years of being a surf coach.

We have structured DSA into 4 separate modules. We believe the most effective way of learning to surf is to learn each module in a specific order, and that’s why we have organised the content of DSA into 4 separate weeks.

Our lesson plan will take you from one specific step to the next, so you are not confused as to where to focus.

In 4 consecutive weeks, starting on December 28th, you will receive one module each week, together with live sessions with Andrew in the private DSA facebook group, where he will be answering all your questions and supporting you in your journey.

We want to be with you each step of the way, and this is why we have chosen this method of delivering the course to you.

After completing the 4 weeks, the course is yours for life and you can refer back to it whenever you like.

Think about it, it’s like having having your own personal surf coach at the ready, 24hr a day!

DSA is open to everyone who wants to learn to surf, regardless of their age, size or fitness level.

Why online?

Learning anything online has become a true possibly, especially now in the times we are living, and surfing is not excluded.

The fact that you can get given information, tips, tools and years of insights to better prepare yourself for when you go into the water , learning to surf online should have been something available to anyone many years ago.

Who wouldn’t want years of experience from a professional surf coach , packed into an easy to understand, step-by-step program to speed up the learn how to surf process ?

Our main goal is to let people of all shapes and sizes know that learning how to surf is totally achievable and super fun.

There is a small degree of fitness, coordination and balance needed, in order to learn how to surf. But don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away. All these things can be learned.

We strongly believe that everyone can learn how to surf, if guided in the right way and if provided with options that suits their body type better.

DSA at the moment has a wait list, you can subscribe here


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