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The world's first online Surf Membership for every body: every shape and every size, everywhere! 

We are the only Body Inclusive surf coaching business in the world and we specialise in inclusive surfing techniques.

We have created this online surf membership to make you stop limiting yourself and try surfing.

Have you ever had thoughts like...

my board won't hold me
I'm not going to look like the other people
there is no support for people in a regular body like me
there is no one else out there like me, surfing the waves
I'm too old
there are no resources for people 
like me 
my body can't do that
I don't belong in the water

I am just not going to be able to do it 
Join us and let's change that negative narrative, TOGETHER

Online membership - join from all over the world!

Feel confident in surfing, no matter your body type or size, learning from your home with our body inclusive surf coaching sessions.


⭐️  2 monthly live, body-inclusive surf lessons with Andrew ( a professional surf coach with over 10 years of experience) and Eleonora, the founders of Every Body Can Surf 

⭐️ 1 monthly live Q&A session, where you can ask questions or share a video/ picture of you surfing to receive feedback on how you can improve 

⭐️ Private Facebook group for support and connect with others

Go from  "I don't think my body can do this"

To "Wow! What else can my body achieve?"

We'll be there for you every step of the way, cheering, supporting and celebrating you, and reminding you of your Super Powers!


Surf Lessons Reimagined : designed for inclusivity


You'll fall in love with surfing

Have you ever heard the sentence "only a surfer knows the feeling?" 

It's true. 

When you are surfing, what you are actually doing is riding a liquid wave of energy that has travelled for hundreds of miles.

It's magical.

Surfing is one of the most thrilling sports in the world, with an impressive history behind it.

Riding waves started when people began swimming in the ocean, and in some cultures surfing is deeply connected to spirituality.

And you'll love it.


Photo credit : @tracyhigashi



Why we created 


We are Andrew and Eleonora, and Every Body Can Surf  is a project that we have had for a long time.  

It started with an instagram account and then became a project for a digital surf course, as some of you may remember.

But after some time we decided to offer what was truly lacking, support and personalised coaching / professional advice.

There isn't just a lack of information, on inclusive surf coaching techniques.

There's a lack of support and personalised advice.

So, we decided the best way to really help is to offer advice as well as support, and a more personalised experience.

We believe everyone has the right to try surfing, to learn to surf and ride a wave.

We created  Every Body Can Surf to :

- Help and encourage wannabe surfers of every size and every age

- Provide a range of alternatives to the standard one-size-fits-most coach techniques

- Change the current reality and bring inclusivity into surfing


Surfing is not just for athletes who shred, make 360 aerials and cut backs.

Surfing is riding waves, in whatever way you like to do it.

You can stand up on your board, or you can not.

You can ride waves sitting on your board.

You can ride waves standing on your knees.

You can get up on your board using one knee, or 2 knees if that feels right for you.  


There is no right or wrong way to surf, as long as you have FUN


Photo credit : @tommypierucky



Can anyone be a surfer?

Yes !

There has just been a lack of resources available to people who want to learn. 

Coaches around the world continue to use the one-size-fits-most approach because that's what they have been taught.

Because of this, many people who approach surfing feel intimidated and discouraged.
Inclusivity in surfing is way over due, and Every Body Can Surf aims at bridging the gap between an already existing demand and a lack of available resources.


Screenshot 2021-11-03 at

Julia Shroeder

  • Instagram

I have a different view on surf now!

Even better, now I see the science behind it.

Andrew taught me so much about surfing.

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at

Ria Dart

  • Instagram

What you did for me in 2 session in the water,  I haven't been able to achieve 15 years of therapy. 

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at

Andrea Engel

  • Instagram

I looked at your website and thought  "yes! he is the guy who will bring me back on the water".

What I really liked was that you have a different way to explain things.

Your online coaching made it more visual, it clicked something in my head.


You will find the confidence to go out in the water and and surf.

Our 2 monthly live trainings will answer all your questions and provide you with professional surf advice that works for you and your body.

We will offer mindset sessions as well.

Your confidence will boost like 🚀 

Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 10.47.59.png
Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 10.48.18.png

You will learn how to control your board, so you don't get knocked around in the ocean.

Our live sessions are made up of technical surf trainings, where you learn easy to implement surf techniques that work for every body

You will acquire competences and skills.


Included in the membership you have a third monthly live session with Andrew, exclusively dedicated to Q&As.

You can ask questions or share a picture/ video of you surfing (doesn't matter your level, you can also be a complete beginner taking your first steps into the water) for a live feedback.

You'll look like you know what you're doing, and you'll feel safe.

Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 10.50.17.png

Special Thanks to Les Filles Du Surf, for their generosity in allowing us using using their beautiful art on this page




Every Body Can Surf is an online surf membership for beginner and intermediate surfers

Each live coaching session focuses on one topic, and you will be able to ask your questions, for a live feedback.

In these live coaching sessions we cover both the practical aspect of surfing (surf techniques), as well as the theoretical knowledge that beginner surfers need to study in order to keep themselves safe in the water.

And because success in surfing is mostly mindset based, we will also offer mindset training sessions (that will help you if you have fears or mental blockages for example, or you lack in confidence).



✅  Body inclusive surf techniques and alternatives that work for every body

✅ Ocean Knowledge, because every surfer needs to learn about waves and how they work

✅ equipment 101 - boards, wetsuits, alternatives

✅ preparation and location tips - how to choose a location and how to prepare for your surf session

✅  Board Control / land practice exercises and board control techniques to practice on land

✅  water practice and board control in the water

✅  waves practice / how to move into the waves

✅  mindset training to help with lack of confidence, fear, lack of motivation

✅  Troubleshooting / failures, discouragement



You'll be sharing this space with people like you, for accountability and support




L1 - Mindset and the big picture part 1 :  you can surf in the body you have, and you have the right to / who is surfing for / why are you surfing / actionable tips to get confidence / fun exercise 

L2 - Mindset and the big picture part 2 : understanding limiting beliefs and redefining metrics of success/ representation matters and where to get inspired / what you actually need in order to surf.

L3 - Surf etiquette part 1 : knowledge is confidence, when paddling out, how to get in line, when on a wave, when falling off, after taking a wave. 

L4 - Surf etiquette part 2 : Understanding the unwritten rules of surfing and how to use them. Keeping you, and others safe in the water, having the confidence of knowing what to do and how to interact with more experienced surfers.

L5 - How to get started : setting your goal / choosing the right location / considerations (stamina,) / efficiency of motion / introducing equipment, options for plus bodies.  

L6 - Ocean knowledge part 1 : the reality of what surfing is and why we need to learn how to read the waves.

L7 - Ocean knowledge Part 2 : Different types of waves / the anatomy of a wave / how waves break. 

L8 - Ocean knowledge part 3 :  channels / tides. 

L9 - Ocean knowledge part 4 : Currents / winds - how to apply all this knowledge to become a confident surfer.

L10 - Equipment 101 : plus size wetsuit and other options, surf boards for people in a larger body, leashes, booties and other essentials, buying or renting, second hand vs new.     

L11 - Land practice part 1 : board control on land / Finding your happy place / How to paddle and where to look / Goofy and regular.

L12 - Land practice part 2 : Feet positioning and weight distribution /  Sumo surfer / Arms positioning and where to look. 

L13 - Land practice part 3 : Getting to your feet and using your knees ; common mistakes.

L14 - Water practice part 1 : Entering the water in a plus body / Board control in the water.


L15 - Water practice part 2 : navigating the whitewater / the impact zone / how to get on and off a surfboard.

L16 - Water practice part 3 : understanding white water waves / paddling correctly / mistakes of paddling 

L17 - Catching waves part 1 : practice catching waves / getting up on a wave / weight distribution on your board while riding a wave

L18 - Catching waves part 2 : turning left and right / exiting a wave with control / falling off your board / what to do when getting  knocked around

Future lessons will include a deeper dive into lessons 1 to 18, lessons on new topics such as how to progress to the lineup and how to catch green waves.



This sliding scale pricing keeps this work affordable for those who need financial flexibility while enabling those who are well-off to contribute.

You may contribute to the sustainability of this community by either allowing yourself to receive assistance when you need it or by facilitating more access when you are able, by honestly choosing where you fall on the pay scale.

We trust that our community will be thoughtful in thinking about the value that this membership has to them and about what they are able to pay for at this time.

We don’t all have an equal amount of available funds but we should all be able to benefit from the practice of surfing. Thank you for being on this surfing journey with us

The membership includes :

⭐️ 2 live surf coaching session per month - valued at 150 Euro each

⭐️ 1 monthly LIVE Q&A session - valued at 150 Euro

⭐️ Access to members only FacebooGroup - valued at 35 Euro


(Equity pricing)

- I am a student, apprentice, unemployed or underemployed

-I struggle to maintain access to basic needs like healthcare, food or housing


- I have to rely on external support to meet my needs

37 € 



- I am able to meet my basic needs

- I am employed or have regular ongoing work, but still experience ebbs and flows

- I have a limited expendable income

47 € 



- I live comfortably and do not worry about meeting my basic needs

- I am securely employed or have my own established business

- I have access to an expendable income


- I would like to support other members and contribute to making surfing more accessible 

77 € 




Andrew’s passion for bringing surfing to every body started many years ago and in a totally different way than you could imagine. 

Growing up in South Africa provided the perfect platform for him to experience segregation, and non inclusivity.

As a surf coach he experienced himself the lack of professional preparation in inclusive surf coaching. So, he developed a method himself, to help people in every body type to enjoy surfing.

This was all the motivation Andrew needed to bring surfing to every body.  

Creating this movement and showing the world that everyone has the right to be in the ocean and enjoy mother nature and surf in the body they have.

Andrew has been teaching people how to surf since 2012. He has extensive knowledge of alternative and inclusive techniques that work for people in a bigger body.



Eleonora struggled with inclusivity her whole life.

As a child, she was taught to be a helpless victim. She was taught she had no choices in life.

Her decisions were made to meet the needs of others.

At 37 years old, she started trauma recovery process with a therapist.

As an adult, she now knows her life belongs to her.

She has realised she is in charge of the belief systems that she carries.

Eleonora is now an advocate for trauma survivors and she helps people find their confidence through surfing.

As a Reiki energy healer she has learned how external factors influence human life, and her work with natural medicine taught her the powerful ways our bodies heal themselves.

Her studies of the Stott Pilates method and Anatomy course have showed her how our bodies move and work, and how trauma shows inside the body.

Eleonora is one of the mindset coaches of Every Body Can Surf, and together with Andrew, the co-creator of AndLeo.



While we can't control what you will do after taking our course, we know how powerful our work is and how well crafted our lessons are.




Help us create this community 🧡

If you join us with the intention of really wanting this to work, we know it will.


What is SUCCESS in Every Body Can Surf?

Success it's not you standing on your board.

Success is you feeling confident and supported enough, to go out there and try surfing.

Success is you going from "no way I can do this" to "well I think I can actually give this a try!"


We have put 100% of our commitment and dedication into this project.


If you meet us with equal commitment and dedication to make this work, you will succeed.


How is the course delivered and how does it change from being a "course" to now being a membership"?

We are delivering the content of a course, inside a membership. This way, we provide you with education, but also with support and feedback:

The membership comes with 2 lessons each month, covering the topics listed above, but the sessions are live and will offer an opportunity for people to ask questions and receive feedback right away.

There is also a 3rd monthly live session, where members can ask questions or share pics/videos of them surfing, to receive feedback.

This format made more sense to us, more than a "do-it-yourself-course", where you are left to figure things out alone.


What makes this a body-inclusive surf membership and how does it help surfers in a bigger body?

The lessons provided in this membership offer professional coaching on alternative surf techniques to the common “one size fits all” approach that most schools tend to have, and concrete support for bigger surfers who feel excluded form the surfing community.

We cover specific topics such as 

  • how to control a surf board in a bigger body 

  • what equipment is available to plus size surfers, and how to choose it 

  • how to securely get on and off a surfboard 

  • entering the water in a bigger body

  • how to stand up on your board using alternative methods to the standard pop up (we like options!)

  • how to find and build confidence, where the mainstream message tells us that surfing is only for certain body types  

  • all the technical information you need on surfing, like how to read the waves, surf etiquette, how to turn your board, how to catch a wave.

Surfing and surf coaching is currently still a very un-inclusive industry. Too many times I have heard people say that they want to surf, but will try to lose weight first. The idea that surfing is only for certain body types is a MYTH and it's time to break that barrier. 


Can Men/ Male Identifying folks join Every Body Can Surf?

YES! Just like we don’t perpetuate body stereotypes, we also don’t perpetuate gender stereotypes. This membership is a space that everyone can join regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, or gender expression.



Is there a weight limit for learning to surf?

NO. Surfing is for every weight, shape or size. 


Is the instructor plus-size?

Andrew Goodman has over 40 years of surf instruction and an undeniable passion for coaching bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages and capabilities. In his career, he coached multiple plus size surfers, from Kanoa Greene to Leah Libelli.

Eleonora and Andrew have founded an inclusive surf coaching business, and they offer body inclusive surf lessons designed for every body type, without being plus size themselves.

I surf already, will I also benefit from this membership or is this only for beginners?

While the live lessons are paved out in a way that helps a beginner take the correct steps at the right time, surfers of any level can benefit from this membership. 

We host a third live session every month, entirely dedicated to Q&As and open to any level of surfing - if you’re struggling with something that’s “ahead” in level, compared to the current lessons topic, during these sessions you can ask your questions and get your feedback, also by sharing your screen to show your surfing pictures or videos for a live video analysis.

Plus, you also have access to the members only Facebook group, where you can ask questions (and also post your pics or videos for feedback). Andrew regularly check ins into the group and answers the questions twice a week.

And lastly, by watching the lessons - even if you are a few steps ahead - will massively benefit you as our approach is unique and there’s a good chance you may have never heard of some of the concept and ideas we teach in these sessions. 

Will you show me how to manoeuvre in my own body?

The lessons are designed to help beginner plus size surfers feel confident and empowered starting their surfing journey.

We will be able to show you how to manoeuvre in your own body as we specialise in body-inclusive surfing and we have experience in coaching people of all body types.


Can I do this if I’m not athletic?

A common misconception is that you have to be at the peak of athleticism in order to learn how to surf and that is not true. Here’s a simple exercise you can try to test mobility for surfing:


  1. Start out by laying with your belly down on the ground.

  2. Stand up in any way that’s comfortable and accessible for your body


If it took you approximately 8 seconds or less to stand up, you’re ready to to learn how to stand on a surf board. But remember that surfing is not just standing on a board. You can surf and ride a wave on your knees or laying on your stomach.


Do I need to be near a beach or have access to water?

A huge part of the learning to surf journey is ocean education and understanding the dynamics involved in this sport and the elements (the ocean).  You can do this remotely, without having to access the water.

All of the technical lessons are also created with that in mind, and you will be able to practice on land, in your living room.

If a lesson includes water-based training, you can save it up until you have the chance to get to the beach.


What if I’m just not confident enough to do this by myself?

…yet ! You’re not confident enough just yet. We believe the content of the lessons and the power of this community will help you find the confidence you need.

We have lessons that focuses exactly on that, how and where to find confidence.

Also, keep in mind that members of this community are based everywhere in the world, and you'll be able to find other members happy to meet up and do land-training and water-training together.


How do these “online surf lessons” work? Don’t I need to practice in the water if I want to learn to surf?

Building brain and muscle memory pathways is essential for learning and developing skills. By replicating surfing on land, you work on building your brain and muscle memory.

When you have an opportunity to get in the water, you’ll then be able to build on these skills even further and allow your body to use the muscle memory you created before.

What time are the sessions ?

The live sessions are generally held between 9AM-9PM CeT during weekdays. We do our best to pick times to accommodate as many of our global members as possible. Replays are always available afterwards!

How many hours a week should I dedicate to my membership to get the most out of it?

There are 3 live events a month, lasting around 1.5 hours each. You can watch these live or watch the replays at your convenience, since they are all recorded. If you have the option to practice in the water, you can do so at your own pace. 


How much access will I get to Andrew and Eleonora ? Can I ask questions and do we meet one-on-one?

There is no reserved 1:1 time with Andrew and Eleonora, but at the end of each live session you have the opportunity to ask questions. One of the 3 sessions per month is fully dedicated to Q&As including the option for you to submit your surfing pictures and videos and receive feedback. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with Andrew and Eleonora in the private Facebook group, where they regularly check in.

What if I want 1:1 support?

Andrew offers 1:1 inclusive surf coaching sessions online at this link ,

Andrew and Eleonora also offer private in-person inclusive surf experiences, here

Can I cancel my membership ?

If you purchase the monthly subscription you are required to commit to 3 months in the membership. After your 3 month commitment is completed, you can cancel at any time by emailing

Why is there a 3 month commitment ?

If you have a goal of learning a new language, and you go for lessons sporadically for 1 month, chances are low that you are going to learn the language. Why? because results take time. If you go for 6 months you might hit your goal or be really close. If you go for 12 months you will not have only hit your goal but surpassed it AND hit other goals too.

I don't use facebook, can I still join?

You'll need to join Facebook to be a member of the community, but that doesn't mean you need to use Facebook outside of the group.  It's a private, closed community so whatever is posted in the group is only seen my the members. 

FAQs ebcs

You have two options :


You can choose to struggle and try to figure this surfing thing out yourself the hard way…



You can join us inside of Every Body Can Surf and spend the next few months building solid surfing skills and receiving continual support on your journey. And become a Surfer!



If you're ready, tap the button below, fill out your information, and get immediate access to the community! For easy access, download the "Podia" app on your phone and log into your account so you can take the membership on the go! 

Special Thanks to Les Filles Du Surf, for their generosity in allowing us using using their beautiful art on our website

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