The world's first digital surf course for every body: every shape and every size, everywhere! 

Feel confident in surfing, no matter your body type or size, in just 8 weeks, learning from your home with our surf program.

Watch the recorded, step-by-step lessons inside a structured platform that keeps your progress, and join weekly live Q&A sessions with Andrew, Kanoa and Eleonora inside a private Facebook group.

Go from  "I don't think my body can do this"

To "Wow! What else can my body achieve?"

We'll be there for you every step of the way, cheering, supporting and celebrating you, and reminding you of your Super Powers!

The course will launch in February, join the waitlist now and be the first to know when the doors will open.

Surf Lessons Reimagined : designed for inclusivity


You'll fall in love with surfing

Have you ever heard the sentence "only a surfer knows the feeling?" 

It's true. 

When you are surfing, what you are actually doing is riding a liquid wave of energy that has travelled for hundreds of miles.

It's magical.

Surfing is one of the most thrilling sports in the world, with an impressive history behind it.

Riding waves started when people began swimming in the ocean, and in some cultures surfing is deeply connected to spirituality.

And you'll love it.



Why we created 


Every Body Can Surf  is a project that we have had for a long time.


We believe everyone has the right to try surfing, to learn to surf and ride a wave.

We created  Every Body Can Surf to :

- Help and encourage wannabe surfers of every size and every weight

- Provide a range of alternatives to the standard one-size-fits-most coach techniques

- Change the current reality and bring inclusivity into surfing


Surfing is not just for athletes who shred, make 360 aerials and cut backs.

Surfing is riding waves, in whatever way you like to do it.

You can stand up on your board, or you can not.

You can ride waves sitting on your board.

You can ride waves standing on your knees.

You can get up on your board using one knee, or 2 knees if that feels right for you.  


There is no right or wrong way to surf, as long as you have FUN



Can anyone be a surfer?

Yes !

There has just been a lack of resources available to plus size people who want to learn. 

Coaches around the world continue to use the one-size-fits-most approach because that's what they have been taught.

Because of this, many people who approach surfing feel intimidated and discouraged.
Inclusivity in surfing is way over due, and Every Body Can Surf aims at bridging the gap between an already existing demand and a lack of available resources.


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Julia Shroeder

  • Instagram

I have a different view on surf now!

Even better, now I see the science behind it.

Andrew taught me so much about surfing.

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Ria Dart

  • Instagram

What you did for me in 2 session in the water,  I haven't been able to achieve 15 years of therapy. 

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Andrea Engel

  • Instagram

I looked at your website and thought  "yes! he is the guy who will bring me back on the water".

What I really liked was that you have a different way to explain things.

Your online coaching made it more visual, it clicked something in my head.


You will find the confidence to go out in the water and and surf.

By watching Kanoa and Matt demonstrate how they tackle the waves, and by completing our mindset trainings, your confidence will boost like 🚀 

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Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 10.48.18.png

You will learn how to control your board, so you don't get knocked around in the ocean.

Module 4 and 5 will prepare you to work with your surf board like a master.

You will acquire competences and skills.


Module 5 and 6 will teach you the techniques in a way that works for you and your body. 


You'll look like you know what you're doing, and you'll feel safe.

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Special Thanks to Les Filles Du Surf, for their generosity in allowing us using using their beautiful art on this page



Every Body Can Surf is a digital surf course for plus-size beginner surfers, structured into 7  modules.

Each module focuses on one topic and is made up of a few video lessons. 

The course covers both the practical aspect of learning to surf (surf techniques), as well as the theoretical knowledge that beginner surfers need to study in order to keep themselves safe in the water.

And because success in surfing is mostly mindset based, module 1 provides a full lesson on mindset training.


MODULE 1 - The Big Picture (mindset training)

MODULE 2 - Ocean Knowledge (a course into a course. This will turn you into a pro in understanding waves)

MODULE 3 - Getting ready (equipment 101, preparation and location tips)

MODULE 4 - Board Control (land practice and board control on land)

MODULE 5 - White Water Warriors I (water practice and board control in the water)

MODULE 6 - White Water Warriors II (waves practice)

MODULE 7 - Troubleshooting (failures, discouragement, the real essence of surfing)

Every Body Can Surf is designed for plus size soon-to-be surfers




Andrew’s passion for bringing surfing to every body started many years ago and in a totally different way than you could imagine. 

Growing up in South Africa provided the perfect platform for him to experience segregation, and non inclusivity.


When Andrew started teaching surfing for the first time, he had the great honour of teaching people with physical impairments, such as loss of sight, loss of limbs, etc.


Surfing has always been looked at to be a sport where you need to look a certain way and have incredible strength and fitness.

This was all the motivation Andrew needed to bring surfing to every body.  

Creating this program and showing the world that everyone has the right to be in the ocean and enjoy mother nature and surf in the body they have.




Kanoa is proof that athleticism and adventure come in all shapes and sizes.


Internationally renowned fitness trainer, yoga instructor and outdoor adventurer celebrated by SELF, Glamour, Essence and SurfGirl Magazine.


She is redefining what plus-size bodies can do, how they are perceived, and where they can go.


She is a catalyst for a movement that is empowering people across the world to live their wildest dreams in the bodies they are in right now.


A trailblazer within the fitness and outdoor space, Kanoa is highly sought after in collaboration with world leading brands like Nike, REI, Fabletics and Amazon; together changing the narrative.

She challenges us to break down the barriers of disbelief and celebrate bodies of all sizes without limits;

demonstrating that you don’t know what your body can do until you do it.


Eleonora struggled with inclusivity her whole life.

As a child, she was taught to be a helpless victim. She was taught she had no choices in life.

Her decisions were made to meet the needs of others.

At 37 years old, she started trauma recovery process with a therapist.

As an adult, she now knows her life belongs to her.

She has realised she is in charge of the belief systems that she carries.

Eleonora is now an advocate for trauma survivors and she helps people find their confidence through surfing.

As a Reiki energy healer she has learned how external factors influence human life, and her work with natural medicine taught her the powerful ways our bodies heal themselves.

Her studies of the Stott Pilates method and Anatomy course have showed her how our bodies move and work, and how trauma shows inside the body.

Eleonora is one of the mindset coaches of Every Body Can Surf, and together with Andrew, the co-creator of Andrew Goodman Surf Coaching.



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Special Thanks to Les Filles Du Surf, for their generosity in allowing us using using their beautiful art on our website

Frequently asked questions

Do I have unlimited access to the course?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the course and it’ll keep your progress or you can clear it and start again when you want to refresh.

Do I need to buy any equipment now?

No you don’t need any equipment to start. Not even a surfboard. You can rent a couple of different boards, find what you like the most, and then proceed to buy your own equipment.

Do I need to live near a beach to take the course?

The course has been design with flexibility in mind so you can move any water-based drills to another week or save them up until you get to the beach. Also, there is so much more to learn than just water practice, when you want to learn to surf. You need to understand how the ocean works and know how to read the waves. That's the most important part of learning to surf. If you know how the ocean works, you can keep yourself safe, and have fun at the same time.

When does Every Body Can Surf launches?

The course will launch as a Kickstarter project in February 2022. Sign up to the waitlist to be notified what the course launches, and to benefit from special offers and discounts for newsletter subscribers.

Is the instructor plus-size?

Andrew Goodman has over 30 years of surf instruction and an undeniable passion for coaching bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages and capabilities. Recognizing the impact and effectiveness of seeing a larger body work through the Every BODY Can Surf course, Andrew will be joined by Kanoa Greene who demonstrates movement in a larger body.

Will you show me how to maneuver in my own body?

Every BODY Can Surf is designed to help beginner surfers of all shapes and sizes feel confident and empowered starting their surfing journey, however, we understand the importance of body representation and the significance of seeing different bodies in motion. Along with our coach Andrew Goodman, you will meet Kanoa Greene and Matt Karpinski; who together will show you that surfing really is for everyone and EVERY BODY.

Is there a weight limit to learn to surf?

Surfing is for every weight shape or size.

Can I do this if I’m not athletic?

A common misconception is that you have to be at the peak of athleticism in order to learn how to surf and that is not true. Here’s a simple exercise you can try to test mobility for surfing: Start out by laying with your belly down on the ground. Stand up in any way that’s comfortable and accessible for your body If it took you approximately 8 seconds or less to stand up, you’re ready to learn how to get up on your board. Said so, surfing is not just about getting up onto your board. You can surf a wave in many different ways, while using a surf board. You can stand on your knees, you can lay down on your board and ride a wave, you can sit on your board and ride a wave. Remember, it's the fun we are after, not the score points in a surfing competition!

Will you help me find the appropriate equipment to support my body?

Yes, we provide a pdf resource as part of the course, with a list of some includive equipment brands.

Are you going to incourage me to loose weight during the course?

Every Body Can Surf has nothing to do with losing weight, or with trying to reach a certain "size". This program is all about giving you the permission to feel good in your own body, to accept it and honour it. To thank your body for the journey is providing you. To try new things with your wonderful, strong body, that is perfect just as it is.