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Where are you based ?

We are based in Italy, on the coast near Rome.

don't live in Italy, can you help me with my surfing goals?

Yes, we can help you in 3 different ways :

-You can join one of our surf retreats ( next one happening in Portugal)

-You can schedule a surf coaching video call with Andrew ( here )

-You can hire Andrew as your private surf coach and we can travel together to a surf destination that's appropriate for your level of surfing.

Do you offer day lessons ?

Yes, I offer day lessons here in Italy.

How much is a surf experience with you ?

A luxury surf trip with us in The Maldives or Telos Islands starts at 2500 Euro per person, excluding international flights.

I am a complete beginner, can you help me ?

Yes, we specialise in teaching people to learn to surf from the very first step

I am over 60 years old and always wanted to learn, can you help me ?

Absolutely YES ! There is no age limit to learning to surf. If riding waves is something you want to do, I can help.

Do I need to be fit in order to learn to surf ?

While there are some physical requirements needed to surf, you don't need to be the fittest person in the world to do so.  

I am plus size, can I still learn to surf ?

Absolutely YES ! If riding waves is something you want to do, I can help you. 

Do I need to be able to swim, in order to learn to surf ?

Even though swimming is a big part of being a surfer, to learn to surf you may not necessarily need to be able to swim - depending on who is teaching you.  

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