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A private, exclusive + transformative surf experience with the two of us, Andrew and Eleonora, where you learn to surf + bring home a new, empowered version of yourself

12 guests only  |   May 2022   |   Cadiz, Spain

Our Empowered Surf Retreats are famous for creating transformations in people, for bringing out a new, empowered version of yourself, and for creating new friendships that become bonds for life.


Surfing is just the beginning

Surfing is more than just riding the waves. 

Surfing strengthens our bodies and our minds. When you learn to surf, you gain confidence that allows you to overcome the challenges that hold you back.


With 20 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to sharing our experiences and lessons in and out of the water. 

When you leave our retreat,  you will feel empowered, like you can conquer anything. 

Learning to be confident in the ocean will give you the tools to be empowered in life.

Join us for an exclusive experience to boost confidence in and out of the water


Our Retreats are run in limited capacity of 12 guests, for an exclusive and custom oriented experience.

The next Empowered Retreat is planned for May 2022 in Cadiz, south of Spain.


Get ready for a real transformation

Our Empowered Surf Retreat is an experience you will remember for life.

We promise,  you will learn to surf or improve your level, if you already surf.

But that's the easy part.

There is more. A week with us will bring a shift in your consciousness regarding confidence and self awareness.

Your new ability to overcome challenges, wether it's in the water, or in life, will take your surfing and your personal life to the next level.


We begin the experience a month in advance, with a private, personal surf evaluation performed over a Zoom call, where together with Andrew you will also set your surfing goals.

Preparation plays a very important role in your surfing journey, so you'll have access to the Digital Surf Academy programs before you arrive at the retreat, as this will boost your chances of improving like nothing else.

Learning about the ocean and how waves work before the retreat, gives us the chance to focus on the practical part (surfing skills) during the retreat, as well as on your mindset, which is usually where all the blocks live, and stand in the way between you and your progress.

Digital Surf Academy is our signature program where you learn everything about surfing and the ocean, from A to Z.  

During the retreat you will have 5 surf sessions, 2 pilates for surfers classes, 1 postural analysis, 2 video analysis of you surfing and 2 surfing mastermind sessions with us that will change the way you look at surfing.


Andrew Goodman

I have been a surfer for 37 years.

Surfing is in my blood, and so is the passion to teach people.


After coaching for over 12 years,  I realised that every student I taught needed a slightly different approach to getting up and riding a wave.

This realisation is what brought me to create my own style of teaching for people who want to learn to surf today.

My unique, open-minded surf coaching approach caters to each person as an individual, so the coaching you get with me is specifically designed for you and your physical needs.

I am known for getting people results, fast.

A week with me will sky rocket your surfing and your confidence level.

You will look deeper into your strengths and overcome your weaknesses- you'll find places of confidence and determination in your mind you didn’t even know existed.

"Andrew, you are the only coach that actually got me results in a few minutes!"    Laura Visser



IMG_0721 copy.jpg

I have been creating experiences for people for 20 years.


I know how to make you feel comfortable.

You will be supported and encouraged to push out of your safe zone.

Making you become the best version of yourself is my goal and my passion.

I am fascinated by human nature and I am a lifelong student of what makes us tick.

As a Reiki practitioner I have learned how external factors influence human life, and my work with natural medicine taught me the powerful ways our bodies heal themselves.

My studies of the Stott Pilates method and Anatomy course have showed me how our bodies move and work.

My other great love is photography, I see a picture as a return ticket of a one way journey.

During the retreat I will be taking pictures and recording videos for you to take home, so you can relive the experience for ever.

Think of me as your go to person, if there is any support you need during the time with us.

My energy combines with Andrew's energy, and together we will support you and cheer you all the way, because we know what you are capable of. 


RIA, from the UK :
"After this experience in Portugal with Andrew and Eleonora I feel very empowered, I wouldn't hesitate to rebook!"

An exclusive retreat
for people who want to breakthrough and reach their goals

SILVIA, from Germany :
"I felt confident and ready to start a new hobby!"

Our Empowered Surf Retreats are famous for creating transformations in people, for bringing out a new, empowered version of yourself, and for creating new friendships that become bonds for life.

There are only 12 spots available, and the next retreat is planned for May 2022. 

Sign up to the waitlist to be notified before anyone else, when we open for bookings.

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