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digital surf  academy

Digital Surf Academy is a collection of 5 different online surf programs specifically designed for beginner and intermediate surfers.

We built our programs with the intention of getting you to your goal, in the fastest way possible.

Digital surf academy  - THE EXPERIENCE

Aside from our surf programs, once a year we host the most comprehensive, step by step online learning experience for beginner surfers, with a private community group on Facebook and direct access to Andrew for professional advice.

Ready to become a brave, tenacious, and an all-round kick ass surfer?


Digital surf academy  - THE EXPERIENCE

IS NOW ON WAITLIST ! We are busy preparing for our next launch!


Digital surf academy  will take you from not knowing anything about surfing and being intimidated by the ocean, to feeling knowledgeable, prepared and confident and well on your way to becoming an independent surfer.

In all our courses, you will learn all the technical skills that you need in order to surf. 

Read Digital Surf Academy frequently asked questions 

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