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Reading the Ocean

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Course length

1hr 8mins

Reading the Ocean


Andrew Goodman

"I teach people of all ages, shapes and sizes to learn how to surf with my unique coaching method that makes it easy and simple to understand.
I provide you with all the tools you need to get results, and a lot of fun in between.

This is my business, but also my passion."

Andrew Goodman

About the course

What most people get wrong about surfing, is that they imagine it to be all about standing on their board and riding a wave.
When in reality, there is so much to understand before you get to that point.
Learning about the ocean and how the waves work will fast forward you through all the frustration of making all the common mistakes like not paddling at the right time, bad positioning and nose diving.

By the end of this course, you will have learned about :

✔ Catching more waves : surfing mistakes and solutions
✔ Ocean Knowledge : currents, winds, tides and channels
✔ Surf Etiquette : the unwritten rules of surfing that keep you out of troubles
✔ Safety In The Ocean : keep yourself safe while surfing

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