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We can go so much further together than we can alone

We’re looking for affiliate partners who work with integrity and follow with the same passion as we do. We believe in honesty, compassion, and commitment to quality.

Becoming a DSA affiliate partner is a serious opportunity to serve your audience and add another revenue stream to your business. If you're here, it means that you are dedicated to launching your promotion with heart and creativity and creating compelling bonuses aligned with what you know your audience needs.

Our affiliate partners get 40% of every succeSsful sale

But that's not the best part...

Commissions range from 40% - 60%... yes, you read that right. SIXTY PERCENT commissions (starting on units 35+)!

You will earn:

  • 40% commission on units 1-9

  • 50% commission on units 10-34

  • 60% commission on units 35+


(read more in the                                     and in the                                   ) 

 DIGITAL SURF ACADEMY  sells for € 297 / US $ 347

DSA is only open for sale for a window period of 12 days , from December 10th until December 22nd.

During those 12 days we will host 2 to 4 webinars.

We are currently in the launch weeks.


DSA is an online, step-by-step learn how to surf course for beginner surfers.

It is unique and revolutionary, as it is the first digital course specific for beginner surfers, with detailed and organised content.

There are 4 modules, and each module will be made available to the student every week over 4 weeks, starting on January 4th

Each module contains multiple episodes, and each episode is made of a pre-explanatory video of Andrew talking about what will be shown in the lesson.

So the student has both a visual and a detailed explanatory video to watch , for each lesson. 

DSA is open to everyone who wants to learn to surf, regardless of their age, size or fitness level.

Our target customers are divided into 2 main groups :

GROUP 1 : wannabe surfers : people who want to learn how to surf and they have never been in the water with a surfboard before.

They have no struggle (problem we can immediately help them solve) in their learning how to surf journey, they only have a desire to learn how to surf. But, they are not aware of what the reality of learning how to surf is, and they assume that learning how to surf is mostly learning how to stand up on their board and ride a wave.

DSA will help them GREATLY because it will prepare them and give them knowledge and understanding of what actually happens when they are in the water (it teaches them how to control their boards, how to navigate themselves into white water waves, how to find out which foot they should have in the back, how much weight they should put in the front of the board, etc, which is what learning how to surf is about).

DSA is specifically designed for very beginners, and the first module teaches the very basics of surfing, including safety in the water.

By going through this training in advance, a wannabe surfer can then focus on the practical part of learning-how-to-surf, rather than learning-how-to-protect-yourself-in-the water part, when they finally go for their surf camp or surf lesson.

We catch the attention of these potential customers with targeted social media ads.

GROUP 2 : beginner/learner surfers : people who have taken a few surf lessons before, or have been to a surf camp, or have already been in the water trying to learn how to surf, with or without the help of a friend.

These people have a few struggles in their learning how to surf journey. 

After researching, we've noticed that the main struggles they have are :

-they keep on nose diving

-they struggle with getting up onto their board

-they struggle with catching waves: they paddle for many waves but only catch a small percentage of them.

DSA will help them by going over the basics of surfing, explained in a clear and structured way. They might have missed this information during their classes for various reasons ( it was either not provided for them, or they were under too much pressure in order to learn it properly and/or remember it ).

We catch the attention of  these potential customers with freebies on our website aimed at solving their current problems with surfing.

By signing up for our free content, they will build trust in us.


We strongly believe that everyone can learn how to surf, if guided in the right way and if provided with options that suits their body type better.  



Our main goal is to let people know that learning to surf is achievable, regardless of their age and fitness level.

And it doesn't have to be a struggle ! 

We need people that believe in our same values.


What was the motivation behind the creation of this course?

In 2018 Andrew wrote a book about learning to surf called “ A Good Mans Guide To Surfing” After selling over 600 copies to people who he taught first hand at the various surf schools where he worked at but also where he has the booked published on Amazon, he noticed one comment that was the most consistent.

All the people that had bought his book told him that they wished that they had this information before they went surfing, as they would have been so much more prepared to learn and not have to still go through the basics when they arrived at the beach for the first time.

This was when Andrew knew that he needed to reach more people and create something that would help thousands of people.


- People that would like to learn, regardless of their age or fitness level

- Beginner surfers who have been in the water only a few times

- People who have booked surf camps and want to prepare and progress faster

- People that are scared and not sure about the ocean and how it works but still want to learn how to surf


- Enrolled in a surf camp before, or have taken surf lessons by either coaches or even friends, but somehow feel stuck in their learn how to surf journey.

DSA will help them by going over the basics of surfing, explained in a clear and structured way.

They may have missed this information during their classes, for various reasons ( it was either not provided for them, or they were under too much pressure in order to learn it properly and/or remember it).

 - They may be complete beginners, and have never held a board in their hands before.

DSA is specifically designed for very beginners, and the first module teaches the very basics of surfing, including safety in the water.


- Enrolling in a surf camp or surf trip (they may have a surf camp / trip planned) :

In this case, DSA will prepare them in the perfect way.

They will arrive at their surf holiday prepared and will progress much, much faster than if they didn’t have access to this training. Keep in mind that DSA is a media-version of the book Andrew wrote on learning how to surf (A Good Man’s Guide To Surfing).

When Andrew’s students would purchase his book during their surf camp, while taking lessons from Andrew, 100% of them said to him “if only I had access to this information before I came!”

- Self learn or learn with the help of a friend :

In this case, not all people that know how to surf can actually teach.

Just because my best friend is a good surfer, doesn’t mean that he\she can explain the right steps for me to take to learn how to surf and stay safe.

If our student is a self learner and prefers to go at this challenge alone, then this course is going to give them all the info they need so that when they go into the water and catch waves for the first time, they wont have to focus that much on all the basics as they would have gone over it in this course. This course will prepare them and give them all the tips and little secrets that they would normally take months to learn if they did this by themselves.

 - Take some private or group surf lessons :

In this case, the course can help our students in a way that when they go for their private lessons, they are able to focus on the actual surfing part rather than the coach having to spend an hour with them first to teach them how to be safe and control the board and themselves  in the water.

digital surf academy Core features and selling points

(Why should a learner surfer buy DSA?)

1. They will save a lot time: the amount of time they would spend learning what this course has to offer would be 3 to 6 months of practice on a regular basis, 3 to 4 times a week.

The content of DSA is delivered over 4 weeks, and as this is their course for life, our students have the freedom of going through the modules at their own speed. What we do recommend is that they become confident in each module before progressing to the next.

2. They will save money: the content of DSA covers in detail what you would learn in 10 to 15 lessons with a coach.

3. Previous feedback and validation: over the years Andrew's students have told him, after reading his book, that they wished they had this information before going surfing for the first time.


4. Structure of content: DSA is organised in a step-by-step way that guides the student in the right order for learning how to surf correctly.

5. Clarity of content: every module contains video episodes of both, Andrew doing a verbal explanation of the episode's content as well as a visual demonstration of the surfing technique explained. 

6. Specifically designed for beginner surfers: DSA, unlike most digital surf courses online, is structured and gives detailed, step-by-step training.

7. Fear and intimidation : DSA was created with the idea to better inform and better prepare the learner surfer before going surfing for the first time. Over the years, Andrew noticed that one of the most common struggles that learners surfers have, is that they weren't prepared for what they were about to experience and had no idea about how the ocean worked.






This course will take you from not knowing anything about surfing and being intimidated by the ocean, to feeling confident, knowledgeable and prepared, and well on your way to become an independent surfer

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