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surf retreat 

A private, transformative surf therapy experience with Andrew, Eleonora and Ria- a fully registered counsellor

Break out of your fears + bring home a new, empowered version of yourself, so that you can enjoy the water, have fun in the process, and become the best surfer you can be.

a few guests only | 30 August to 4 September 2022  |  Newquay, Cornewall


Create transformations, bring out a new, empowered version of yourself, and create new friendships that become bonds for life.


Surfing is waiting for you

Fear can be very healthy as it protects us from danger.

But self imposed limitations based on fears are different. 

Recognising when a self imposed limitation is piggy-backing on our fear, allows us to work through that fear to disarm the self imposed limitation and reframe the experience, to move past it.

In these 5 days we will provide you with our overcoming fear toolkit, a uniquely developed method to help you break through your fear and enjoy the waves in full.

Pushing through your fear will feel less frightening than living your whole life being trapped by the self imposed limitations that come from feeling helpless.

When you leave this retreat,  you will look at your fear with very different eyes, and you will have developed a set of skills that will help you take control back.

It's time for you not to feel held back anymore, and to enjoy the ocean!

Join us for an exclusive experience to boost confidence in and out of the water


A day in one of our Retreats

Our Retreats are run in limited capacity of a few guests, for an exclusive and custom oriented experience.


Get ready for a real transformation

Our Overcoming Fear Retreat is an experience you will remember for life.

Together with Ria we have developed a unique program that will re-educate your response towards fear, so that you can get back into the water and enjoy surfing again, or start surfing if you've never been able to, because of your fear.

The retreat includes therapy sessions (both group sessions and a 1 on 1 individual session) with a registered counsellor, Ria, as well as surf lessons with Andrew in the ocean, so you can put into practice your newly learned tools and skills to cope with fear and use it at your advantage.

You will be doing all of this with the support of a professional team + a community of people who like you have decided to leave fear behind in order to live life in full.

We will be with you every step of the way, and we promise, it will be the best thing you have ever done.


We begin the experience a month in advance, with a 2 private, personal sessions performed over Zoom calls, where together with Ria, the licensed counsellor part of our team for this retreat, and Andrew,  you will set your surfing goals as well as determining the fear you want to work on.

Education is power when it comes to fear in the water, so you will also get access to our digital surfing programs, where we cover information on how the ocean works, the fundamentals of surfing and surf techniques, and practical tips on how to control your board in the water.

Learning about the ocean and how waves work before the retreat, gives us the chance to focus on the practical part (surfing) and the mindset (therapy) during the retreat, without being also overloaded with technical information that is covered in our digital programs.

This will allow you to fully focus on what's standing in the way between you and your progress, and work deeply on the fears that are blocking you, while having FUN, surfing waves and making new friends.

And because we have a very holistic approach when it comes to human nature and behaviour, we have added a couple of guided meditations with candles on the beach, accommodation in a gorgeous hotel with views of the ocean, wonderful beds and a SPA to pamper yourself if you like.

Working on your fears will look very different this time. You will enjoy the process !



Day 1 , Friday Aug.30

A warm welcome with our Open Safe Circle –

(indoor afternoon session, programme starts at 4 pm)

In a safe space, we visit the core conditions with everyone. Respect. Value, non-judgemental. Empathy, confidentiality and compassion.

the Knowing me, knowing you exercise will make you feel comfortable and safe.

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Day 3 , Semptember 1

Rewiring responses to fear -


(morning and afternoon sessions, both indoors and in the water. Plus evening meditation)

 1-1 private check-in sessions with Ria.

Surfing confidence on the beach and in the water with Andrew.

Evening mindfulness session with candles and blankets on Fistral Beach

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Day 5, September 3

Making changes in your thinking -

(morning and afternoon sessions, both indoors and in the water. Plus evening meditation)

With Ria we will re-write the thought process in a safe space.

With Andrew we apply our new approach in the water.

Guided meditation in the evening.

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Day 2 , Saturday Aug.31

Knowledge is power -

(morning and afternoon sessions, both indoors and in the water)


Today , together with Ria, we will dive deep into understanding how fear works and how you can use it to your advantage.

In the water with Andrew, we will make friends with the water, in a gradual way, and you will feel comfortable and supported through out the process.

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Day 4, September 2

Finding the Calm inside -

(morning and afternoon sessions, both indoors and in the water.)

1-1  private check-in sessions with Ria.

Watch your progress in the water with Andrew. Work on your surf confidence and skills.

Box breathing technique + body scan session.

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Day 6, September 4

You are now your personal therapist ! -

(morning session, indoors)

Tools to take with you to continue your journey.

Closing circle and cementing progress.

Programme ends at noon.

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Andrew Goodman

I have been a surfer for 37 years.

Surfing is in my blood, and so is the passion to teach people.


After coaching for over 12 years,  I realised that every student I taught needed a slightly different approach to getting up and riding a wave.

This realisation is what brought me to create my own style of teaching for people who want to learn to surf today.

My unique, open-minded surf coaching approach caters to each person as an individual, so the coaching you get with me is specifically designed for you and your physical needs.

I am known for getting people results, fast.

A week with me will sky rocket your surfing and your confidence level.

You will look deeper into your strengths and overcome your weaknesses- you'll find places of confidence and determination in your mind you didn’t even know existed.

"Andrew, you are the only coach that actually got me results in a few minutes!"    Laura Visser



my name is Ria and I can't wait to meet you.

I'm a fully qualified counsellor who has been working in private practice for the past 5 years.

My special interest in this time has been working with Anxiety and Fear with some great results. 


Im trained in delivering cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) , person centered Therapy, Gestalt and other mindfulness based practices. 


Good therapy is about a great collaboration between the client and the therapist. 

You are your own expert, you know you like no one else, I able able to help you by providing you with an understanding of how the relationship between how we think, feel, experience and behave develops in the brain, we are all creatures of habit and sometimes we need to tweak some unhealthy thinking habits or  behaviours to make help you get the most out of life.


My approach, much like my personality is relaxed, informal and friendly.

Running through the heart of our sessions together is always, kindness, compassion and unconditional positive regard.

Your welfare and safety will be at the forefront of our work together, always.


I have been creating experiences for people for 20 years.


I know how to make you feel comfortable.

You will be supported and encouraged to push out of your safe zone.

Making you become the best version of yourself is my goal and my passion.

I am fascinated by human nature and I am a lifelong student of what makes us tick.

As a Reiki practitioner I have learned how external factors influence human life, and my work with natural medicine taught me the powerful ways our bodies heal themselves.

My studies of the Stott Pilates method and Anatomy course have showed me how our bodies move and work.

My other great love is photography, I see a picture as a return ticket of a one way journey.

During the retreat I will be taking pictures and recording videos for you to take home, so you can relive the experience for ever.

Think of me as your go to person, if there is any support you need during the time with us.

My energy combines with Andrew's energy, and together we will support you and cheer you all the way, because we know what you are capable of. 



Join us in Newquay, Cornewall - the biggest surf community of the UK, for a 6 days surf therapy retreat.

Daily therapy sessions, surf sessions and relax time in one of the most beautiful corners of England. 

fear of bigger waves .jpg
surf fear.jpg


August 30 to September 4 

5 nights- 6 days

The Hotel

We will be staying at the Esplanade hotel, a lovely 4* hotel right on Fistral beach, with facilities like a Spa, a swimming pool, 2 restaurants and a bar.

surf fear retreat.png

Why join

If you fear the ocean or anything in it, the water, the waves. If you lost confidence in your swimming or in your surfing.

If you always feared the water.

If you love water sports but fear is stopping you from progressing or even enjoy the waves anymore.

...This retreat is for you. 

We will work every day on your mindset and cognitive processing with Ria, your counsellor, as well as having surf lessons in the water with Andrew. 

This combined work of mindset plus physical exposure will re-educate your response towards fear, while having fun, so you can kickstart your journey towards being in the ocean with confidence.


£ 2497 per person (in a double or twin room)
£ 2797 per person (single occupancy)
only a few spots available

Option 1


payment at booking time

Option 2



- deposit at booking

- second payment by May 15th

- third payment on July 15


- 5 nights in a private room at the Esplanade hotel, including daily breakfast

- Equipment rental (surf board and wetsuit)

- Retreat Programme

- Use of the facilities of the Esplanade hotel

- A new you to take home 🧡

Image by Hussain Faruhaan
Image by Hussain Faruhaan
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  • What do I need to bring?
    ​We provide beginner boards (soft tops) for everyone, and wetsuits for sizes from S up to XXL. If you fit anywhere else outside these parameters, these are the kind of clothes we recommend you to bring: 2 of your favorite leggings or yoga pants, 2 sport tops, and any swimwear you are comfortable in. ​ Upon your confirmation of booking we will ask for sizing to make sure a board for you is there. Also, please bring a robe or a poncho to change into your wetsuit while on the beach, flip flops, sunscreen, a sun hat... and all the typical things you'd take if you went for a day out at the beach.
  • I am currently trying to build my confidence to surf 5ft waves. Is this the right retreat for me or are most people trying to build confidence to surf massive waves?
    It really doesn't matter where you are in your surfing, and what is that size of a wave that you are trying to build confidence for. Building confidence is something every surfer needs to do, whether they surf white water waves or slaying 70ft giant waves. If you look for confidence to progress from a 3ft wave to an 8ft wave, this is the right retreat for you. If you look for confidence to progress from not surfing at all to surfing small waves, this is the right retreat for you. If you look for confidence to surf 20ft waves, this is the right retreat for you. And so on.... building confidence is very much a part of every stage of surfing, it lives in every level of surfing.
  • Is there a weight or age limit in order to join this retreat?
    NO. Surfing, and building confidence to surf, is for every age, weight, shape or size.
  • I am just starting out with surfing and I am worried that the rest of the group is ahead of me?
    ​We will be dividing the surf classes according to surf levels. This is an inclusive surf retreat, open to all surfing levels including complete beginners.
  • I am in a moment right now, I don't even like being in the water anymore, and I am afraid I will get too scared in the surf lessons...
    Imagine fear in a circle. Right outside of that circle, is confidence. Right outside of confidence, is the freak out zone, or the very umcofortable zone. Most people who try to work on fear alone, think they have to push themselves to the limit in order to overcome the fear. It doesn't work like that. Fear is conquered by expanding, baby steps at a time, your confidence space. We will never take you to the "freak out zone". You will be guided and supported through out the whole 6 days. We will hold your hand, literally, and we will help you expand your confidence zone at a comfortable pace.
  • So you will eliminate my fears ?
    Think of this Retreat as a team work between you and us. We cannot do the work for you, but we know how to get you, from wherever you are right now, to start (re)building your confidence in the best possible way, and we will provide you with all the tools you need in order for you to reach your goal.
  • Will I have to face my fears in front of everybody ?
    While this is a group event, you will have 3 private session, where you can open up in privacy with us. One with Andrew, before the retreat. One with Ria, before the retreat. And a mid week, check in session again with Ria, during the retreat. There is power in the community, and this will be a non-judgmental, loving and fully supportive community.
  • I am a intermediate surfer, is this the right retreat for me?
    Because building confidence is something all surfers work on, no matter where they are at in their level, this Retreat is open to all surfing levels. We divide the group by levels for the surf coaching sessions in the water.
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